Episode 25 The Job Worth Doing

June 19, 2017

Happy Fathers Day from ROTM Radio, and Ryan on The Mic.  This weeks episode Ryan talks about the Republican baseball practice shooting. He also reminisces about his father on fathers day.  

New Bobs Burgers Preview

Added Music "Love Without End Amen"-George Strait Album "Livin it up" MCA Nashville 1990

Crazy internet Stories this week. http://www.dailywire.com/news/17618/man-who-robbed-bank-escape-his-wife-given-hank-berrien  https://downtrend.com/71superb/huffpo-shooting-in-self-defense-is-illegal-because-it-denies-violent-criminals-a-fair-trial?utm_source=fn1  https://www.buzzfeed.com/regajha/how-privileged-are-you?utm_term=.ymE1r10zww&ref=mobile_share#.nt42p2NRrr  

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