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July 31, 2017
Sunday July 30. 2017

The Great Distraction

Earlier this week the President Trump proclaimed on twitter, that “transgendered” individuals will be banned from military service.  I am of two minds when it comes to this issue.  First, I served in the military, I was a master at arm in the United States Navy.  Individuals who enter service soon find out that individuality does not come first while serving.  The main concern of military forces is to be combat ready always.  While serving in uniform you are no longer you.  You become a solider, marine, sailor, or airman, you remain a warm body doing your duty not as an individual, but as a well-oiled machine.  When you go off duty and remove the uniform, individuality can take over again, however knowing the uniform can take back over at any time.  Knowing this, I can say if you adhere to the cycle of individuality takes a back seat to the uniform at any time necessary.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask that when the individual takes over to be able to do what he or she wants, as freedom and liberty would allow.  Also making sure never to do anything that may disgrace the uniform.  It may not be up to me or anyone else to decide what a person can feel about themselves, but it’s also not up to the taxpayers to pay for anyone’s “elective” surgeries or treatments. 

President Trump’s move has come at a very odd time.  It is my opinion that Mr. Trumps reason for this move was none other than to distract his supporters.  By dangling the red meat of a transgendered issue in front of his supporters, it distracted those who were starting to question his moves.  President Trump has been slowly removing anyone from his administration who has a “conservative” or “policy” agendas.  Trump is trying to replace these people with “Trump ass kissers”, its Trumps M.O. to surround himself with people who will only praise him.  If you have any actual ambition, or want to push actual policy, then you are going to be out.  This president truly cares more about himself, and bashing the media, more than protecting the American way of life. 

All in all, was President Trumps move a good one?  In some ways, yes.  In some ways, no.  Using Twitter to proclaim this kind of move, is most distasteful.  By not putting into place actual policy, and only speaking on Twitter, this President has done nothing more than stirring the pot of American discontent on one side, and throw red meat to another side.  In my humble opinion, it’s time for conservatives to leave this president before we are tainted by his filth forever. 

“May your best yesterdays, be your worst tomorrows”

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